Patricia Potter





Jove, January 2003
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

In one day, Samantha Carroll discovers everything about her life is a lie. Two suspicious looking men walk into her art gallery, Western Wonders, with an envelope that destroys all her illusions. The envelope contains a picture of her as a baby with a twin brother and a father she never knew, as well as a birth certificate identifying her as Nicole Merritta. Samantha's mother, Patsy confirms the news that her real father was not the late David Carroll, but is a dying crime boss from Boston named Paul Merritta. When Samantha goes to Boston to meet her father and brother she steps onto the radar of FBI Special Agent Nate McLean.

Samantha moves into a world of danger and organized crime when she is drawn to Boston. Even as Samantha seeks to establish a relationship with her twin brother, Nicholas, she is forced to turn to the one man her brother wants her to stay away from, Nate McLean. Nate has personal reasons for wanting to bring down the Merritta crime family but he is unprepared for the attraction he feels for Samantha Carroll. Samantha finds not everyone is pleased with the news of her resurrection, and is informed a contract is out on her and her mother's lives. Torn and confused, she finds herself on the run with only Nate to rely on. McLean risks his job and his life to keep her safe as he struggles to expose the secrets that separated the Merritta twins and made this case a personal fight.

Patricia Potter writes terrific suspense. There are no predictable plot devices here. She keeps you guessing till the end of the book. This novel has a whole cast of interesting characters you are going to enjoy meeting. Ms. Potter weaves a realistic back story revealing Nate McLean's personal motives for wanting to bring down the Merritta's. And Nick Merritta, the twin brother, is full of contrasts. The author keeps you wondering which side he is on as you root for him throughout the novel. This is my first time to read a book by Patricia Potter but it won't be my last.


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