Kerry Greenwood






Allen & Unwin. This edition first published Aug 2007
Reviewed by Sally Roddom

Corinna Chapman starts work at 4 a.m. every morning in her bakery Earthly Delights. She cooks the most wonderful gourmet cakes, breads and pastries. She also seems to end up solving neighbourhood mysteries. In this latest adventure, a new cut-price bread shop has opened up in the neighbourhood in direct competition with Corinnaís gourmet bakery. At the same time, a new hallucinogenic drug hits the street which is literally driving people mad, the gorgeous Georgina moves in with Corinnaís boyfriend Daniel, and there is a witch convention happening to celebrate Samhain, the feast of the dead. Could all these events possibly be connected?

TRICK OR TREAT is the fourth book in a series which just keep on getting better, set in Melbourne, Australia. Corinna is an overweight woman who feels no guilt and makes no apologies for loving food, her boyfriend and life. The story is light, witty and easy to read. Yet author Kerry Greenwood is not afraid to show the seedier, sadder side of Melbourne life. Greenwood gets her message across without ramming her political views down your throat.

Reading a Corinna Chapman book must be done with food at hand because you end up drooling throughout the book. Fortunately there are recipes at the end of each of the books in this series. It is not strictly necessary to read the series in order, as each of them stand alone quite well. The previous books in the series are EARTHLY DELIGHTS, HEAVENLY PLEASURES and DEVILíS FOOD.

Nov 2007 review originally published on Murder and Mayhem


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