Meg O'Brien






MIRA, December 2003
Reviewer Sissy Jacobson

Contemporary Suspense

Mary Beth Conahan has worked hard to establish herself as a literary agent in L.A. She started out by renting a tiny, dilapidated bungalow to live in, and a store front office in the seedy part of town. Now she owns a small home on the beach in Malibu and an office in Century City. But she is in danger of losing it all. Someone has killed her ex-husband and is now killing her best selling authors, and the police suspect her of the murders.

A knock on her door in the wee hours of the morning brings her more trouble in the form of Lindy Van Court. Mary Beth hardly recognizes the woman who was her best friend in high school. Lindy Lou was the cute cheerleader and homecoming queen, dating the football hero and homecoming king. Now the woman standing before her looks like a bag lady. Lindy claims her husband, the once popular, handsome, wealthy, Robert Van Court, whom she married right after college, has thrown her out and changed the locks on their home. She also swears he is harming her baby, Jade, by giving her injections of an unproven drug manufactured by the pharmaceutical company he and his family own. Mary Beth agrees to help Lindy kidnap the baby, but will Lindy go through with it, or is she too afraid of Robert?

THE LAST CHEERLEADER is the first book I’ve read by Meg O’Brien, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was glued to the action that kept the book moving rapidly. The twists and turns of the plot kept me guessing throughout the story. Most of the characters and plot are realistic, and the parts that aren’t, I just suspended reality and went along for the ride. I will definitely read more of Meg O’Brien’s work. She keeps the suspense going until the very end, where she winds it up with a surprising conclusion. The promise of a romance is added when Mary Beth meets LAPD Detective Dan Rucker, but the focus of the story is mystery and suspense.

August 2004


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