Paul Levine






A Solomon Vs. Lord Novel
Bantam, January 2006
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

THE DEEP BLUE ALIBI is the second novel in Paul Levine's wildly funny Solomon vs. Lord Series. The series features Steve "Slash and Burn" Solomon and "The Uptown Girl" Victoria Lord. Their mismatched business partnership and volatile romantic relationship is the basis for this legal/mystery series.

When a friend and business partner of Victoria's late father is accused of murder Victoria seizes the opportunity to take first chair lead in his defense trial. Harold Griffin is accused of killing Ben Stubbs, a government agent for the EPA. Griffin needed Stubbs' approval to build a floating resort over a Florida Keys coral reef, but Stubbs was shot with a spear gun aboard Griffin's boat. Griffin was found unconscious when the boat ran aground with forty thousand dollars in cash aboard. The whole affair stinks and it is going to take some powerful lawyering to get Griffin off.

However, Victoria is not quite objective about "Uncle Grif" or his son Junior, her childhood playmate. Junior has grown into a handsome and charismatic man, who is interested in renewing their childhood romance. Steve, on the other hand, has no problem being dispassionate about their client, especially Junior. This case tests Steve and Victoria's personal and business relationship and when someone tries to run Steve's caddy into a swamp and plants a coral snake in Victoria's bathroom things really start heating up.

THE DEEP BLUE ALIBI features a spectacular opening scene that requires an open mind and a sense of humor to enjoy. In fact, there are several scenes that stretch the bounds of credibility, but it's all in good fun. Author Paul Levine's capacity for comedy, irony and irreverent humor are on full display---his talent for creating colorful characters is pure entertainment.

Steve Solomon's implied friendship with Jimmy Buffet and his "Margaritaville" approach to love and life are just one example of the fun in store for readers. "Solomon's Laws" and Jimmy Buffet song lyrics are generously sprinkled throughout the book. Bobby, Steve's appealing twelve year-old nephew, is back and his legal research and relationship advice help save Steve from total ruin.

Paul Levine freely admits his fictional characters Solomon and Lord are inspired by his wisecracking repartee with his wife, Renee. Wherever the inspiration comes from, the dynamic duo in this series are off to an amazing start. Another installment is due out later this year--KILL ALL THE LAWYERS. THE DEEP BLUE ALIBI includes mature subject matter and explicit sexual descriptions.

March 2006

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