Sunnie Gill






BEFRIEND AND BETRAY Caine, Alex Non-Fiction
THE SHARK ARM MURDERS Castles, Alex Non-Fiction
INTRACTABLE  Matthews, Bernie Non-Fiction
A MAN'S GOT TO HAVE A HOBBY McInnes, William Non-Fiction
CULT KILLERS Moorhouse, Frank Non-Fiction
WRITTEN ON THE SKIN Porter, Liz Non-Fiction
NO NEST FOR THE WICKET Andrews, Donna Suspense/Mystery
STONE COLD Baldacci, David Suspense/Mystery
THE FOREST OF SOULS Banks, Carla Suspense/Mystery
A FALL FROM GRACE Barnard, Robert Suspense/Mystery
GOSPEL Bauer, Sydney Suspense/Mystery
UNDERTOW Bauer, Sydney Suspense/Mystery
HOLY SMOKE Benacquista, Tonino Suspense/Mystery
CHRISTINE FALLS Black, Benjamin Suspense/Mystery
A TALE ETCHED IN BLOOD AND HARD BLACK PENCIL Brookmyre, Christopher Suspense/Mystery
REDBACK Cameron, Lindy Suspense/Mystery
ROUNDING THE MARK Camilleri, Andrea Suspense/Mystery
HIDDEN DEPTHS Cleeves, Ann Suspense/Mystery
RAVEN BLACK Cleeves, Ann Suspense/Mystery
WHITE NIGHTS Cleeves, Ann Suspense/Mystery
THE LAST KASHMIRI ROSE Cleverly, Beverly Suspense/Mystery
CLOSE Cole, Martina Suspense/Mystery
AMERICAN GANGSTER Collins, Mac Allan Suspense/Mystery
TRACE Cornwell, Patricia Suspense/Mystery
SAVING BILLIE Corris, Peter Suspense/Mystery
THE UNDERTOW Corris, Peter Suspense/Mystery
TWO MINUTE RULE Crais, Robert Suspense/Mystery
IN A DARK HOUSE Crombie, Deborah Suspense/Mystery
THE EDGE Curzon, Clare Suspense/Mystery
SNAPSHOT Disher, Garry Suspense/Mystery
THE HEAVENS MAY FALL Dow, Unity Suspense/Mystery
THE COFFIN TRAIL Edwards, Martin Suspense/Mystery
BARKING! Evans, Liz Suspense/Mystery
UNDER ORDERS Francis, Dick Suspense/Mystery
TROUBLED MIDNIGHT Gardner, John Suspense/Mystery
VODKA DOESN'T FREEZE Giarratano, Leah Suspense/Mystery
Tops and Bottoms 2005 Gill, Sunnie Suspense/Mystery
Tops and Bottoms 2006 Gill, Sunnie Suspense/Mystery
Tops and Bottoms 2007 Gill, Sunnie Suspense/Mystery
AMONGST THE DEAD Gott, Robert Suspense/Mystery
GOOD MURDER Gott, Robert Suspense/Mystery
S IS FOR SILENCE Grafton, Sue Suspense/Mystery
FALSE WITNESS Hall, Patricia Suspense/Mystery
FLESH AND BLOOD Harvey, John Suspense/Mystery
HEAD SHOT Henry, Jarad Suspense/Mystery
THE BABY GAME Hicks, Randall Suspense/Mystery
NIGHT FALLS ON DAMASCUS Highland, Frederick Suspense/Mystery
A CURE FOR ALL DISEASES Hill, Reginald Suspense/Mystery
DEATH OF DALZIEL Hill, Reginald Suspense/Mystery
WHERE THE TRUTH LIES Holmes, Rupert Suspense/Mystery
A DEATH IN THE FAMILY Holt, Hazel Suspense/Mystery
FRANTIC Howell, Katherine Suspense/Mystery
THE ABORTIONIST'S DAUGHTER Hyde, Elisabeth Suspense/Mystery
DIAMOND DOVE Hyland, Adrian Suspense/Mystery
THE LIGHTHOUSE James, P.D. Suspense/Mystery
DEAD SIMPLE James, Peter Suspense/Mystery
THE TROJAN DOG Johnston, Dorothy Suspense/Mystery
ONE MAN AND HIS BOMB Keating, H.R.F. Suspense/Mystery
DEATH SQUAD Lewis, Roy Suspense/Mystery
PAPER BUTTERFLY Liang, Diane Wei Suspense/Mystery
CLEANSKIN Lynch, Gay Suspense/Mystery
COLD GRANITE MacBride, Stuart Suspense/Mystery
SAWBONES MacBride, Stuart Suspense/Mystery
MAELSTROM MacConnell, Michael Suspense/Mystery
THE WATCHER IN THE WOOD Maisey-Jackson, Gillian Suspense/Mystery
MURDER ON THE BRIGHTON EXPRESS Marston, Edward Suspense/Mystery
FAN MAIL Martin, P.D. Suspense/Mystery
THE KILLING HANDS  NEW Martin, P.D. Suspense/Mystery
THE MURDERER'S CLUB Martin, P.D. Suspense/Mystery
RIVER DEEP Masters, Priscilla Suspense/Mystery
HAMMERHEAD McCoy, Ken Suspense/Mystery
DEVIL'S PEAK Meyer, Deon Suspense/Mystery
LABYRINTH Mosse, Kate Suspense/Mystery
NO SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES Mulgray Twins Suspense/Mystery
CROOK AS ROOKWOOD Nyst, Chris Suspense/Mystery
GRIEF ENCOUNTERS Pawson, Stuart Suspense/Mystery
THE JUDAS SHEEP Pawson, Stuart Suspense/Mystery
SHOOTING ELVIS Pawson, Stuart Suspense/Mystery
EXIT MUSIC Rankin, Ian Suspense/Mystery
THE NAMING OF THE DEAD Rankin, Ian Suspense/Mystery
THE SIX SACRED STONES Reilly, Matthew Suspense/Mystery
ANGELS UNAWARE Ripley, Mike Suspense/Mystery
FRIEND OF THE DEVIL Robinson, Peter Suspense/Mystery
SOVEREIGN Sansom, C.J. Suspense/Mystery
DIRTY BLONDE Scottoline, Lisa Suspense/Mystery
THE LIBRARY PARADOX Shaw, Catherine Suspense/Mystery
STALIN'S GHOST Smith, Martin Cruz Suspense/Mystery
HIT AND RUN Staincliffe, Cath Suspense/Mystery
A COTSWOLD MYSTERY Tope, Rebecca Suspense/Mystery
LIMITATIONS Turow, Scott Suspense/Mystery
THE MERCY SEAT Waites, Martyn Suspense/Mystery
DEADFOLK Williams, Charlie Suspense/Mystery
MESSENGER OF TRUTH Winspear, Jacqueline Suspense/Mystery
CONTACT ZERO Wolstencroft, David Suspense/Mystery
THE LOW ROAD Womersley, Chris Suspense/Mystery


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