Cassandra King






Hyperion, February 2007
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

Clare Ballenger wants to move forward after the death of her husband. Her work as a divorce coach therapist keeps her busy telling others how to move on but figuring it out for herself is a work in progress. She is torn between being stuck in the past and two men: Rye, an old friend and Lex, the new owner of the marina in Fairhope, Alabama.

Clare's home -- Casa Loco -- is living up to the name. Clare is upset when her best friend Dory reconciles with her husband and returns to a lousy relationship. And Clare is blind-sided when her daughter's husband leaves Haley and the kids for another woman. Their troubles add to her self-doubt and make her question her own life skills. How could she have missed the signs with those closest to her?

The struggle for Clare to confront her own emotional issues is the central subject of this slow, winding southern tale. King's storytelling is reminiscent of FRIED GREEN TOMATOES and STEEL MAGNOLIA. She captures the culture of the south and its eccentric characters in a way that makes you want to sit back with a glass of sweet tea and enjoy the story.

Cassandra King is also the author of THE SUNDAY WIFE and THE SAME SWEET GIRLS. Her writing style is entertaining and filled with warmhearted fun.

January 2008


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