Suzanne Brockmann





Silhouette Intimate Moments #1243, September 2003
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

Navy SEAL Chief Wes Skelly's team buddy, Harlan Jones, sets him up on a date with his sister-in-law, Brittany Evans. Skelly's love life has been on the skids ever since he fell in love with Lana Quinn, another SEAL's wife. Wes would never act on his attraction to another man's wife, but when Lana asks him to come to Los Angeles and do a security assessment on her TV starlet sister's house, he can't say no. Since Brittany lives in Los Angeles, a date with her could be just the distraction he needs to keep him from doing something stupid. Like tell Lana the truth about her cheating, sleaze-ball husband.

Brittany Evans, an emergency room nurse and mother to a 19 year-old adopted son, regrets letting her sister talk her into a blind date with one of her brother-in-law's team mates. But she lets Wes know her ground rules upfront. Rule number one: total honesty, no bull or phony flattery, and rule number two: no sex. She's not interested in casual sex with a guy she barely knows. But Skelly turns out to be pretty cool and accepts her straightforward approach with humor and respect. When he discovers the credit card he tries to use to pay for their dinner date has expired, Brittany not only picks up the tab, she offers Skelly her couch to crash on. Things don't follow either of their game plans. The chemistry sparked between them ignites when problems and threats cause them to turn to each other for help again and again.

Suzanne Brockmann has created another winning story for one of her SEAL Team Ten characters. NIGHT WATCH is a fast paced, suspenseful tale. Well written, it begins as a relationship story, with many scenes involving the two main characters sharing things they have never told anyone else. But it quickly moves on to dramatic scenes that demand the skills of an action hero and bring out the hidden strengths in both characters. The suspense plot is graphic and intense. The sensuality and sexual scenes makes it more suitable for mature readers. There are also brief appearances of other SEAL series characters, Harlan and Melody Jones (EVERYDAY AVERAGE JONES), Veronica Catalanotto (PRINCE JOE) and newlyweds, Bobby and Colleen Taylor (TAYLOR'S TEMPTATION).


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