Josephine Carr






New American Library, Sep 2005
Reviewed by Joy Calderwood

Mystery, Chick Lit

Anne is blissfully divorced at age fifty. She is free of her unfaithful husband, her kids are at college, and she has plenty of money, so she can do any kind of nothing that she chooses in her luxury apartment in the Kennedy Building. It comes as something of a jolt when a voice in her head speaks up one day and tells her, “A murder will occur in thirty days. Prevent it.”

Not the type to hear voices in her head, Anne is at a loss. Dismissing the instructions of the voice doesn’t seem to be an option. What can she do? Fortunately, she encounters Mary, the cleaning lady of the Kennedy Building, and they hit it off immediately. Mary is full of ideas on how to track down a murderer-to-be. The first thing is a party in Anne’s apartment for everyone in the building.

In the meantime, Anne is looking for a partner – sex only, please. She is mesmerized by the gorgeous Ivan, the Kennedy’s resident womanizer. He may be a murderer-to-be, but without doubt he is the sexiest creature Anne has encountered in far too long. Ivan is another compelling reason to expand her social life. The question is, how dangerous is he?

Anne is a delightful person for readers to spend time with. Her joy in her new life is so contagious that she scatters her sparkle over everyone she meets. She takes so much pleasure in her self discovery that we do, too. Granted, few of us can afford to do exactly as we like, as Anne can, but her attitude is contagious. So is her high-spirited friendship with Mary, which still manages to explore the heavy things that can happen to women along the way. The culmination of the adventure goes quite beyond believability, but the spirit is so bubbly I found the story impossible to reject.

MY VERY OWN MURDER is the middle-aged woman’s Freedom Manifesto, and a little glee and banner-waving is called for. It was so much fun to read that I had trouble finding a book to follow it. MY VERY OWN MURDER is Josephine Carr’s second novel. Her debut, THE DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM OF LOVE, received enthusiastic reviews. Carr is a vivacious new voice in the chick lit genre. This one won’t stick to your ribs, but you will be treating yourself to non-stop smiles.

Oct 2005 Review


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