Michael MacConnell






Hachette Livre, Oct 2007
Reviewed by Sunnie Gill

Sarah Reilly is a Special Agent with the FBI. She is following in the footsteps of her semi-retired father, who made his name tracking down a notorious serial killer.

Sarah and her partner and former boyfriend, Drew, are assigned a case out of town. It bears all the hallmarks of a serial killer who murders couples in a specific locale near a lake. For Sarah, a profiler, there is something not quite right about these killings. She canít put her finger on it, but she feels this is the work of a copycat.

In a seeming unrelated crime, a man is found knifed to death in a way that suggests it was planned. The only witness is a thirteen year old homeless boy, whom Sarah befriends. The boy says there was more than one killer and they seemed highly organised. He is taken into protective custody but to no avail. Someone breaks into the safe house, disables the guards and kills the boy in his sleep. Their only witness is now dead.

Consumed with guilt at having put the boy in harmís way, Sarah focuses her attention on finding who killed him. As she investigates Sarah finds herself in increasing danger.

MAELSTROM is a no-apologies thriller. I have to be honest and say thrillers arenít usually my choice of reading. They work better for me on the big screen than between the pages of a book, but I found myself enjoying MAELSTROM much more than I expected. There is plenty of action without it being dragged out too much and thereís enough plot to keep non-action people like me reading.

Dedicated thriller-readers will enjoy every action-packed page of MAELSTROM. It is a promising debut novel from Michael MacConnell.

MAELSTROM is a 2008 Ned Kelly nominee for Best First Novel.

Michael MacConnell is Australian and lives on the Central Coast of New South Wales. He has a degree in International Relations, History and Ancient History and currently works in New South Wales law enforcement. His official website is .

June 2008


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