Susan Donovan





St Martin's, December 2002
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

Audie Adams, former school teacher and passionate amateur soccer player, has assumed the leadership of Homey Helen, her mother's household hints empire. Homey Helen's TV show and newspaper column aren't a good fit for Audie, who only took over because of a deathbed promise to her mother. Audie's mother's death was due to the injuries she received in a mugging where the attacker was never found. Now Audie is receiving anonymous death threats styled as gruesome household hints.

Detective Stacy Quinn has been assigned to the Homey Helen case. One of Quinn's best kept secret is his compulsion to organize things. His mother left her household hints collection to him, tips she gathered over the years of being a loyal follower of Homey Helens' advice. The box sits reverently on the kitchen counter of his well maintained bachelor apartment. On his first interview with Audie Adams, he is shocked to find her well organized, Suzy homemaker image is a complete sham. Audie wouldn't know lemon oil from lemonade. Her athletic prowess and sexy, smart-mouthed personality gets his attention. However, it's her hidden, soft vulnerability and total lack of organizational skills wrapped up in a dream babe package, that finally knocks him off his feet.

KNOCK ME OFF MY FEET is a fun, fast paced romantic comedic tale. The contrasts in personality types and unexpected characterizations give this story an off-tilt, zany appeal. Some plot points were a stretch of credibility from my practical viewpoint, but it's all in good fun. Susan Donovan has written an entertaining novel, with an interesting sense of the absurd sure to appeal. Fans of Jennifer Cruisie, Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Cherry Adair should check out this author. Donovan is also the author of TAKE A CHANCE ON ME, available now, and JINGLE BELL ROCK, due out in October 2003.


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