Julie Garwood





Ballantine Books
Paperback Edition July 2003
Reviewed by Sissy Jacobson

Avery Elizabeth Delaney's mother was a frickin' maniac.
Prologue, KILLJOY by Julie Garwood

Avery Daniels allowed her Aunt Carrie, the woman who raised her, to talk her into a weekend at Utopia Spa in Colorado. When she arrives at Utopia, she is told Carrie Delaney Salvetti cancelled both of their reservations and there are no more rooms available. Avery knows this is not possible. She starts questioning the desk clerk and demanding to see the manager.

John Paul Renard (from MERCY) has been tracking Monk (the professional killer who got away in MERCY) for over a year. Finally he has a lead. Monk must be getting sloppy. He used one of his old credit cards to charge a reservation for Carrie Salvetti at Utopia. John Paul is waiting and watching in the lobby of the spa when Avery begins demanding more information about her aunt. They join forces and start a hair-raising search for Monk, who John Paul suspects has Carrie and two more women who cancelled their reservations on the same day.

As the search intensifies and grows more dangerous, John Paul gets help from an FBI agent whom he met when his sister, Dr. Michelle Renard Buchanan, needed protection. John Paul doesn't trust the FBI but has to agree to their help when Noah Clayborne (HEARTBREAKER and MERCY) shows up.

KILLJOY is a fast paced thriller which pits John Paul Renard, ex-marine and special services agent, and Avery Daniels, expert crime analyst for the FBI, against hired killer Monk Edwards. Now that Monk is in love for the first time, will he slip and make more mistakes? Who contracted Monk to kill Carrie Salvetti, a female Florida judge, and an Ohio businesswoman? What is the tie between these three women?

Julie Garwood uses her trademark humor from her historicals, along with a hair-raising plot which has our hero and heroine racing against time to save three women from Monk's deadly pursuits. I enjoyed this contemporary novel by one of my favorite historical authors as much as I did her contemporary thriller, MERCY. If you haven't read it yet, you don't know what you are missing. Near the end, the plot winds up part of the mystery with a totally unexpected turn. Who will Julie Garwood write about next? Will it be Noah? She has left the door open for more books involving the characters from HEARTBREAKER, MERCY, and KILLJOY.


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