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Pan MacMillan, this edition published Jan 2006
Reviewed by Sunnie Gill

It’s Michael Harrison’s stag night party just a few days before his wedding to Ashley. His mates decide this is the time to get their own back for all Michael’s practical jokes at their stag nights, so they hatch a particularly devilish prank.

However, things go horribly wrong when his four mates are killed in a car smash, leaving the claustrophobic Michael trapped in a place with no way of getting out. However, one person does know where Michael is, his business partner and best friend, Mark. But no one knows that Mark knows and he’s not telling.

It’s up to Detective Superintendent Roy Grace to find out what’s happened to Michael, who has been listed as a missing person. The case is particularly difficult for Supt. Grace because his wife mysteriously disappeared eight years previously and was never found. He’s never quite given up hope of her turning up safe and sound. Grace isn’t very popular with the powers that be in the police force because he’s not averse to using unconventional methods in his work. When a case stalls, Grace will willingly consult psychics and mediums.

Beware of author Peter James. He’s tricksy! The first half of DEAD SIMPLE seems to be a fairly predictable plot. Man in jeopardy locked up. He’ll die if he’s not rescued. Enter the hero who manages to save the day in the nick of time. You’ve seen it numerous times in movies and TV shows, right? Wrong! James lulls the reader into thinking they know exactly what’s going to happen and then, Wham! The reader is hit right between the eyes with some very clever plot twists which turn the whole thing on its head.

DEAD SIMPLE is Peter James’ first Superintendent Grace Novel. He has also written a number of thrillers with a supernatural theme. James works in the movie industry. He has been the Executive Producer of a number of movies including “The Bridge of San Luis Rey” starring Robert de Niro and “The Statement” which starred Michael Caine.

A full list of Peter James’ books and movies can be found at his website

First Published Murder and Mayhem, May, 2006


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