Helen Fitzgerald






Allen & Unwin, September 2007
Reviewed by Sally Roddom

The book opens with Krissie Donald dragging her best friendís lifeless body over some rocks ď...bumping her head from rock to rock...Ē, an interesting opening that certainly had me hooked.

Krissie and Sarah have been best friends since they first started school at four years of age, and they could not have been two more different personalities. Krissie, a child protection officer, has no desire to commit to any relationship; she leads a promiscuous life flitting from one man to another and drinks heavily. Sarah, on the other hand, always wanting to nurture and protect, took up nursing until she could get married and have lots of children. Sarah fulfilled one dream when she married a doctor, Kyle, but their marriage has descended into a baby making hell as Sarah frantically tries to conceive and lovemaking flies out the window.

To Sarahís dismay, Krissie falls pregnant after a one night stand in Teneriffe and little Robbie duly arrives. Diagnosed as suffering from postnatal depression, Krissie worries she is turning into a bad mother. Kyle and Sarah give her a break from the baby by taking her for a camping holiday in the Scottish highlands. It is here that everything starts to go wrong and the reader is brought back to the point where the book started.

I really enjoyed the story, black humour with so many twists and turns that you just didnít know where author Helen Fitzgerald was going to take you next. Starting off in the first person with Krissie telling the story, it occasionally switches to see the story through the eyes of mostly Sarah and, once or twice, Kyle. This helps expand the story and give it more depth. There are very descriptive and ghastly scenes of murder which contrast nicely with the light hearted way the book is written.

This is the first novel by Fitzgerald, an Australian novelist who is now living in Glasgow. She has written two more books with Krissie Donald as the heroine, MY LAST CONFESSION due for release in 2008, and BLOODY WOMEN due out in 2009, and I will be certainly keeping an eye out for them

May 2008 review originally posted on Murder and Mayhem


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