Sara Donati





Bantam Books, March 2000
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding
American Colonial

DAWN ON A DISTANT SHORE is the second novel in a series featuring the characters Nathaniel and Elizabeth Bonner. In this historical adventure Nathaniel is drawn away from his home in Paradise, New York to Montreal, Canada, by the news his father Hawkeye has been arrested as a spy. It is believed that Hawkeye and his son Nathaniel have possession of "Tory Gold," a treasure worth a fortune, lost during the war. Nathaniel is forced from the bedside of Elizabeth who has just given birth to their firstborn, twins, Daniel and Lily. When Nathaniel ends up in jail along with his father and threatened with hanging, Elizabeth goes to Montreal to rescue her men.

Hawkeye and Nathaniel have also gained the notice of Moncrieff, a representative for the Earl of Carryck from Scotland. Moncrieff is searching for the heir of a Scottish immigrant, Jamie Scott. The Earl of Carryck must find the decedents of Jamie Scott, or Castlecarryck and the title will revert to his son in law Walter Campbell of Beadelband. Moncrieff uses his connections to break Hawkeye and Nathaniel out of jail on the eve of their hanging. Elizabeth and her babies find Nathaniel and Hawkeye, but before they can return to their mountain Moncrieff finds the means to lure Hawkeye and Nathaniel to sail to Scotland in hopes they will claim their heritage. Elizabeth, Nathaniel and the babies become caught up in intrigues and forces that threaten their lives.

This is another fine adventure for Nathaniel and Elizabeth Bonner. American and Scottish politics try to intrude on their lives and happiness, jeopardizing even their very lives again and again. After a harrowing separation during the first part of the story, Nathaniel and Elizabeth join forces to find their way home. Adventures, battles, ocean voyages and secrets from the past challenge these lovers. There is a surprising resolution to the complex plot.

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