Linda Howard





Ballantine Books, November 2003
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

Milla Edge is the founder and driving force behind Finders, an El Paso-based nonprofit organization that locates missing persons. Milla started the organization after the heartbreaking loss of her newborn son, Justin. One day she was Milla Boone, happily married and first time mom of a beautiful baby boy, when suddenly, her baby was taken from her in a crowed Mexican market, and she was viciously attacked and left for dead. In an instant everything changed. Now, ten years later, Milla is divorced and driven to the point of obsession by her work, when Finders receives an anonymous tip that could lead her to the man who took her son.

A bounty hunter, known to some as the Tracker because of his uncanny ability to find anyone, encounters Milla on a dark and dangerous stakeout in Chihuahua, Mexico. He is hunting killers who kill for spare body parts to sell on the black market. While following the suspected killers, he runs across Milla as she nearly exposes his surveillance in her eagerness to confront the suspects. They both lose their quarry but later when the Tracker finds out why Milla wants the man she is following, he offers to help her find the information she needs.

Linda Howard is writing at the top of her craft and CRY NO MORE is her best work yet. You will follow Milla and the Tracker on a gut wrenching ride through the mean streets of Chihuahua and the back alleys of Juarez as they chase a dangerous smuggling ring, dealing in illegal adoptions and the sale of human organs. Howard approaches the dramatic subject of child abductions sensitively and realistically. Cleverly plotted, this riveting story starts slowly and builds steadily to the powerful climactic conclusion. Milla's emotional journey and losses are vividly portrayed. Howard does a great job keeping you guessing if the hero is one of the good guys or bad guys. Suspenseful, with plenty of twists and surprises, CRY NO MORE is what you will be telling yourself when you turn the last page on the immensely satisfying ending.


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