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Booksurge, 2007
Reviewed by Sally Roddom

Legend has Santa flying around the whole world in a single night delivering presents to every good child. Santa has different names in different countries. In Brazil the children call him Papai Noel and in Japan he is known as Santa Kurohsu. However, as with many legends there is an element of truth, and a lot of untruth. The untruth in the case of Santa is that he is not a single immortal being at all. The truth is he is one of over seventy different Gift Bringers who each service their own country and has their own name, passed down from father to son. Each of the Santa families belongs to the organisation known as the Yule Dynasty.

Each year the Yule Dynasty holds a conference. This year’s conference is being held in Finland. The Kringles from the USA are flying to the conference with an important request to put before the meeting. They want the rules changed so that their daughter, Christine, can be Santa when it is time to pass the mantle on. Kriss Kringle knows that it will be no easy task; but there are already some female gift bringers, St Lucy, Babushka and Tant Arie to name a few, who he hopes will back his request.

However, before his request can be ruled on, disaster strikes when the small English town of Plinksbury bans Christmas completely. While the Yule Dynasty Meeting goes into disaster mode to come up with a plan, Kriss arranges for his daughter to visit the town and solve the problem to prove that females can make good Santas too. What follows is a wonderful magical adventure for Christine and her friends Nick (son of the English Santa) and Little K (son of the Japanese Santa). Can they convert the drab, unhappy town from hopelessness to celebration? They only have a few days to do it before the Yule Convention members notice what they are up to and try to stop them.

CHRISTINE KRINGLE, the first in a proposed series, is for young adults – and for not so young adults. Christine Kringle is a wonderful character, not a simpering miss at all. A young teenager, she is well mannered and polite, but no goodie two shoes either. She devises a plan using a fruit pie and a Ferrari which will make the car enthusiast in you cry, and the child in you howl with laughter. I could not put this book down. I was entranced from the word go and so disappointed when I finally finished. Not, I hasten to add, because the ending was disappointing -- no way. I was upset because it had finished. Author Lynn Brittney is already writing Book Two, and there is enough scope for these adventures to continue in many different countries of the world.

CHRISTINE KRINGLE is a great adventure story, with non-stop action, laugh out loud situations and is full of the spirit and magic of Christmas.

Oct 2007


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