Tim LaHaye & Greg Dinallo





Bantam, October 2003
Reviewed by Sissy Jacobson

Contemporary Suspense

From the creator and co-author of the wildly popular LEFT BEHIND series comes an exciting new adventure, BABYLON RISING. LEFT BEHIND begins with the rapture of the church, then moves through the tribulation period, the millennial kingdom, and on into heaven. BABYLON RISING begins in our "present time and moves forward to the rapture, one of the most exciting periods in the history of the world."

Michael Murphy is the hero of this series. A professor of Biblical Archaeology at Preston University in North Carolina, and an authority on Biblical Prophecy, Murphy is a real adventurer and risk-taker in his efforts to authenticate the truth of the Bible. His latest adventure takes him into Samaria where he begins a search for part of a puzzle that began with Moses, then Daniel’s interpretation of King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. He narrowly escapes with his life and the first part of the puzzle.

Shane Barrington, whose name is synonymous with greed, is head of Barrington Communications, one of the largest media and technology giants on the planet. Summoned by an unknown blackmailer, he arrives in Zurich, and is escorted to a castle high in the mountains where an elevator takes him down, seemingly into the very bowels of the mountain. He is greeted by an unearthly silence, until a booming voice invites him to sit. He sees only "the stark silhouettes of seven people seated at a massive obsidian table." Because they have proof of his illegal business practices, these people now own Shane Barrington. They are prepared to make him number one in the business of global communications. Except, of course, he will be working for them. The Seven. Barrington will do anything that is asked of him.

In Manhattan, a man called Talon, who works for The Seven, is also prepared to do anything asked of him. Nothing is too heinous or too difficult. He is totally committed to The Seven.

Stephanie Kovacs, an investigative reporter for BNN TV, is called to Shane Barrington’s office and complimented on her live on-the-scene reporting. Thrilled that Barrington is going to help her move up in her career, Stephanie is ready to follow the leads he sends her way. When the letters J 3 16 mysteriously appear on half the windows from the 5th to the 12th floors of the UN building, Stephanie is there with her crew reporting on the frightening sight. The public is led to believe it is the work of fanatical evangelical Christians who have plans to blow up the UN. She and her crew are also first on the scene when other catastrophic events occur, including a church bombing in Preston, North Carolina. Is it a coincidence that the finger is always pointed at "fanatical evangelical Christians?"

Dr. Isis McDonald, a philologist for the Parchments of Freedom Foundation in Washington D.C., is talked into helping Murphy interpret what is written on an important artifact: the tail of the bronze snake. She then joins Murphy in the Middle East on a hunt for the remaining two pieces of the snake, which had been fashioned by Moses, then broken into three pieces and supposedly destroyed when the children of Israel began to worship it.

BABYLON RISING is non-stop, fast paced, gripping action from the first to the last page. "The secret of Biblical prophecy is revealed; forces of terrifying evil are empowered; a man of surprising courage is tested and proves ready to become a much-needed hero for our times; and that’s just the beginning." (Quote from the publisher) Dr. Tim LaHaye and co-author Greg Dinallo, a veteran suspense novelist, have come up with a winner. The first book in this new adventure is named for the series, BABYLON RISING. I can hardly wait for the second book, due out in hardcover in the fall of 2004. For adventure and suspense, realistic characters, excellent dialogue, and exciting action, I highly recommend BABYLON RISING by Tim LaHaye and Greg Dinallo.

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