Kerry Greenwood






Allen & Unwin, December 2007
Reviewed by Sally Roddom

Short stories/Murder & Mystery

Phryne Fisher is a thoroughly modern young 1920ís flapper. She wears dresses above her ankles, trousers, has bobbed her hair and follows her own rules for acceptable behaviour. Phryne is a rich and independent woman who drinks, has casual sex on her terms, smokes, drives fast cars, flies a plane and solves mysteries.

A QUESTION OF DEATH is a collection of short stories from ideas that author, Kerry Greenwood, came up with while writing the longer novels, but in the end left out. Greenwood reworked them and has put together in one absolutely spiffing collection. Phryne flirts with various young admirers while solving such mysteries as locating a lost husband, uncovering the murderer of an obnoxious member of the aristocracy, and locating a missing artwork. Phryne is always on the side of the little guy, whether it be against the rich, the exploitative or abusive.

Between the short stories there are recipes, cocktail suggestions, helpful hints like how to get rid of an unwanted suitor and a personal interview with the Honourable Miss Fisher herself. Beautifully illustrated, this is a wonderful book to add to your Phryne collection

Jan 2008 review originally posted on Murder and Mayhem


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