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HeatWave Romance, Dec 2005
Reviewed by Joy Calderwood

HeatWave Romance offered in one ebook all the erotica short stories they published in 2005. There isn’t a theme (aside from the obvious), so this review is actually a collection of mini-reviews.

Desert Trickster by Kathy Kulig. Sara is mesmerized by her co-worker Dante, who summons her into the desert for sex. What is Dante’s game? And what about park ranger Jeff, the reliable suitor? Desert Trickster plunges blatantly into the heat, with no foreplay, no gradual awakening for the reader. It would probably work better in the middle of the anthology, when one has had time to get the mood.

Love’s Duty by Cassie Walder. Under the circumstances, Cat has made a success of a ghastly life. Suddenly she is forced to see her revengeful vendetta against Brig Matthews in a new light, making it possible for Brig to shatter Cat’s protective, celibate shell. Love’s Duty takes several pages to get to the heat, building up an interesting back story. In the flame of their desire, Cat must decide: has her painful acceptance of responsibility truly been constructive? Their emotionally moving story is so hot that the result is inevitable, and we respect Cat and Brig for their way of getting there.

Try a Little Magic by Shara Lanel. Adriana is forced to desperate measures when Gareth is too shy to act on the attraction between them. A little incense, an incantation, and Gareth is hers at her command. Sexy, funny, and well written, Try a Little Magic is that tiny seed of wish fulfillment we all need.

Insight by Annie Rayburn. Sela knows that the women of her people recognize their fated mates at first sight. The trick is to make Jonavon see that fate is inevitable. But patience is so hard! Insight takes a teasing crescendo to a beautiful fulfillment. I wished it lasted longer.

The Memory Of a Touch by Jean de Cherie. “Sweet, sexy, and romantic,” describes this encounter between an American singer and an Irish barmaid. The longer-than-usual story gives us plenty of time to get involved – emotionally, too. The Irish atmosphere sets our eyes smiling through the mist.

The Lion’s Den Shara Lanel. With the help of a conniving mother, Suzy and Alex discover that ten years’ separation hasn’t even slowed them down. If you live in a small town, this daydream will fit right in with tomorrow’s errands.

Fantasy On a Bus (Number One) by Shara Lanel. This one is for the risk-takers. How much sex can you have on a crowded bus without getting caught? Just hope that person across the aisle doesn’t glance over…

Heart Of Stone by Annice Dare. Pausing to admire the statue of Michelangelo’s David, as she does every day, Lucy falls into the arms of a uniquely Italian lover. Lucy has been forced to pretend to be a man for the sake of her career, so she is a virgin, and hungry. Their love, respect and passion join to give Lucy the union of her dreams, once she has penetrated Vido’s secret. Heart Of Stone is a sweet story set among the masterpieces of Florence.

Pumped Up by Alisse Alders. Lauren and Dane, mutual voyeurs. They’re going to have to break through the leftover hurt from their pasts, or they will both explode. Late nights in the gym provide enough chances, but can they act on them?

The One That Got Away by Jean de Cherie. Kelly is relieving some of her left-over tensions the morning after a college party, when a gorgeous, silent man happens by. Later, still silent and both of them very happy, he disappears. Kelly’s friend Ter is able to explain him because she has tried him herself. This group of friends shares sex casually and generously; but I thought the descriptions were clinical, lacking in emotion.

Enchanted Stones by Kathy Kulig. When Carolyn first meets Rory, he is an albino stag saving a dying doe. The second time Carolyn meets Rory, he is an Irish backwoodsman saving her from a hunter. There is only one way he can be released from his curse, if Carolyn will help. Within the Enchanted Stones, the sex is nice but the story is predominant.

Katie And the Ghost by Amy O'Connor. The extremely handsome Earl of Heatheringham was killed two hundred years before. How does Kate know he was extremely handsome? He is sitting in her hotel room, smelling of lemons and cedar, and chuckling in a voice guaranteed to seduce a girl in seconds flat. She can’t touch him, but he can touch her – and how! Well, maybe a murder victim is entitled to be inconsiderate when he wants a woman who doesn’t believe in ghosts. 

A Ball Drop Between Friends by Shara Lanel. Kelsey and Rex always meet to watch the New Year’s Eve ball drop on TV. Just as friends; ruining that with sex is against the rules. But a little tequila, a lot of music – or it could be the other way round – and the rules are changed. Maybe friendship is strong enough to survive adding some lust to it. In A Ball Drop Between Friends, you can have two things at the same time – lots to drink and great sex. You may like this brassy-toned story for the sense of being pals: Kelsey and Rex have nothing to hide from each other.

Some stories in THE 2005 TINGLES COLLECTION will please just about everybody, others are suited to differing tastes.

Dec 2005 Review

[Note: This was offered by HeatWave Romance, but they have since gone out of business. If you like the sound of a story, maybe it or the author can be found elsewhere.]

[Further Note: Shara Lanel reports that her stories, the ones reviewed here and others, are available in her anthology TASTES OF PLEASURE: TAKING IT TO THE EDGE to be found at .]


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