Sanaya Roman

HJ Kramer Inc, 1989
Reviewed by Joy Calderwood

Metaphysical Self-Help

SPIRITUAL GROWTH is the third in a series of metaphysical self-help books channeled by Sanaya Roman, written by the non-corporeal teacher Orin. It is aimed at guiding us to recreate our lives in ways that allow us to be happy and fulfilled. In his previous books, LIVING WITH JOY and PERSONAL POWER THROUGH AWARENESS, Orin established the foundations to make it quicker and easier for you connect with the part of you that does the creating – your Higher Self. Reading directly from those two books into SPIRITUAL GROWTH: BEING YOUR HIGHER SELF, you can start immediately to secure your connection.

We are told where to find reservoirs of feelings like love, peace, joy, courage, healing, and harmony. There are also teachers available. We can call on these at any time and make them a part of ourselves or receive their help.

You can have anything you ask for, Orin says, so be sure you are asking for what you really want. That way, instead of having that empty feeling at the end of the quest, you will have received what will really satisfy you. There may be many changes you need to go through, creating many delays, before you can get that million dollar house you are so focused on. But was the house really the thing you wanted? If you wanted a sense of security and being cared for, most readers can receive that much more quickly in other ways.

We are taught how to sense what to do and when to act, to create the kind of life we want. You may be pushing so hard for something, that you are pushing it away. You can create the positive, expectant frame of mind to bring about the things you want. Using these  techniques, you will know when the time to act has come.

Many changes will occur in your life as you begin to put to use the techniques in SPIRITUAL GROWTH. You may have to let go of something that is holding you back. Orin teaches us how to accomplish this with a minimum of pain. You may not yet be sure of what you want, but we are constantly receiving clues to help us figure it out, and following these instructions will help you sort them out.

At times of major change comes a condition of the spirit that Orin calls “the void”. This is a time when we feel disconnected from our surroundings, as we make decisions about where we want to go from here. You may feel alone, or as if the floor has fallen out from under you. It is especially important, in the void, to use this time to make positive decisions and recognize the goal of happiness, instead of surrendering to a sense of helplessness. Orin tells how we can choose what will make us happy and continue our growth.

We do not have to be surrounded by positive people and happy circumstances in order to begin using the techniques of SPIRITUAL GROWTH. There are ways to remain unaffected by negativity and unpleasantness. We can find the keys to changing our surroundings within ourselves, and live with joy in the meantime.

I have been a reader of Jane Roberts’ Seth books for decades. I have also read other authors who wrote using Seth’s principles. Sanaya Roman’s Orin is the only teacher I have found who improves on Seth’s writings. He does this by making them more accessible and giving them more subjective appeal. This brings them into immediate contact with the reader’s emotions.

 As a website owner, I can indulge myself in a testimonial. <wink> Whenever I read even part of a book by Orin, good things happen in my life. When I began reading SPIRITUAL GROWTH for the first time, a change immediately occurred which I had been trying very hard to avoid. It turned out to be miraculously easy. I carried this momentum into a reread of the entire three books, rebuilding foundations as I went. My life is richer and rooted in a greater clarity. I couldn’t do better than to recommend Sanaya Roman’s series to people who are ready to make a constructive, spiritual change in their lives.

 November 2004 Review


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